Samolet Group announces the launch of a unique partnership programme for landowners and developers. As part of the programme, the Company will offer flexible cooperation terms and the opportunity to enter into a new partnership with Samolet Group to jointly implement large-scale development projects
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Who is eligible for entering into the partnership programme?
Landowners in the Moscow region and St. Petersburg
Who have large development plots (from 10 hectares)
Existing developers
Engaged in the construction and sale of housing in accordance with 214-FZ.
Samolet undertakes
Project development
Site development
Obtaining escrow financing
Working on the joint implementation of projects in partnership with Samolet Group, as the undisputed leader in the Russian market for integrated development, will allow landowners and developers to maximize their profits, while reducing their own risks and gaining access to project financing on attractive terms.
Samolet Group – trust the experts
Samolet Group is a leader in the implementation of large-scale mixed-use projects
Conclusion of a partnership and joint implementation of projects enables our partners to assume a status of protected investors and to monetize investments.
6 years of experience and know-how
we created a unique mechanism of project implementation
10,000 parameters
taken into account in every project - from the building placement to construction technologies
more than 0.7 million sq. metres per year
we build and sell reliable and affordable housing
Examples of successful partnership
Vnukovo 2015–2018
Vnukovo 2015–2018
Implemented in partnership with Absolut Nedvizhimost
The project includes 19 monolithic brick houses with a total area of 185 thousand sq. metres in the dynamically growing area of New Moscow. 4 years ago, there was only a field and today the residential area developed by Samolet is home for more than 4 thousand families. The many facilities for comfortable living include a modern kindergarten for 220 children and a big school for 600 students.
Lyubertsy 2014 – present
Lyubertsy 2014 – present
Implemented in partnership with Absolut Nedvizhimost
In 2014, the first project of the residential area was presented, and in 2015 we completed the construction of eight 17-storey buildings and a kindergarten. The large-scale project Lyubertsy includes five construction phases, more than 60 buildings, five schools and four kindergartens, a fire station, a clinic, playgrounds for children and sports grounds. We have transformed the phrase “mixed-use development” into a high-tech process of creating a full-scale environment for living.
Alkhimovo 2019
Alkhimovo 2019
Samolet signed an agreement with KR Properties
The joint development of a land plot of 44.6 hectares is planned near the village of Alkhimovo in New Moscow, which will result in 363 thousand sq. metres of high-quality and affordable residential and commercial real estate, as well as two kindergartens and schools with a total area of 79 thousand sq. metres and all necessary social infrastructure, including roads, parking spaces, playgrounds and other facilities. Alkhimovo is the third partner project of Samolet Group in 2018.
Why is the Samolet offer relevant for landowners?
Unrivalled reputation of a large developer
Recognition among industry leaders Well-earned reputation among landowners
Sustainability through a risk mitigation model
Strong financial position
Sustainable business model protected against market downturns
Attractive returns and regular cash flow
Early cash flow generation Competitive profit
Conclusion of partnerships with the Samolet Group and the joint implementation of projects on the Company's growth platform, which has proved its efficiency, will allow landowners to switch to protected investors, monetize investments, while the Samolet Group will continue its profitable growth and keep the group's debt burden at a minimum.

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