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Samolet Group Launches Multifunctional Digital Platform in Its Buildings


Samolet Group is implementing a new multifunctional digital platform – – in its building complexes. In 2019, the Group acquired 25% of the startup project. is a platform that allows residents to communicate with neighbors and connect with the management company. It unites residents into communities based on their residence address. Neighbors can manage their personal housing and utility accounts, communicate via a messaging app, conduct surveys, organize events, share local news and their achievements or order, and offer services from the comfort of their homes. The platform will offer a convenient tool for online communication between residents and businesses located within walking distance, service providers and financial institutions. helps about 100,000 residents of Samolet Group's residential complexes directly perform their housing maintenance tasks, starting from receiving invoices and paying housing and utility bills to creation and tracking of requests for services provided by the management company. By the end of the year, the platform will enable residents to interact with shops and other commercial enterprises in the area (dry-cleaners, beauty salons, car-washes, cafes, etc.). It will also enable to order and pay for services, track order statuses, arrange visits, keep a calendar of events, etc. Therefore, small businesses will get an efficient tool for growing sales and increasing regular customer loyalty with the help of selective geosegmentation. There are also plans to develop a peer-2-peer service feature for residents before the end of the year. This is a trend given the growing number of self-employed people. The introduction of the platform is of vital importance now when the majority of people have to spend a lot of time at home.

During the first months of the system operation, over 60% of owners of real estate, built as part of Samolet Group's projects, registered on the platform. In May, new users increased by 2.2% a day. is the first element of the multifunctional digital IT landscape that the Group deploys at its facilities. The platform will bring the interaction between residents and the management company to a new level, and allow to quickly solve many household and social issues. The platform will be developed as an independent business project; it will be further implemented outside Samolet Group buildings.

Sergey Nikolishin, CEO and Сreator of “The idea of a platform that can combine functions of a social network for neighbors and a tool for communication with the management company seemed very interesting. Since Samolet Group considers digitalization to be a priority, we’ve been able to jointly implement such a large-scale project. Now we aim to connect as many users to the platform as possible.”

Dmitry Volkov, Managing Director of Samolet Group: “This platform is important to us, first of all, as a tool for building relations with residents of our facilities. Besides, it is an investment in an innovative startup, in which Samolet Group’s stake totals 25%. Working in cooperation with our partners, we’re going to present the platform to the market soon. Part of the Group's strategy is to create an ecosystem of promising projects, invest in them and let them develop in their own way without acquisition so that they retain their entrepreneurial spirit, adaptability and ability for rapid development".

18 мая Группа «Самолет» возобновляет строительные работы на всех девяти объектах в Московском регионе. Строительство на московских объектах восстановлено с 12 мая, а с 18 мая строители вышли на наши объекты в Московской области.

На всех строительных площадках Группа обеспечивает соблюдение стандартов организации работы, медицинского контроля и всех других действующих нормативов по предупреждению распространения и профилактике коронавирусной инфекции.

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